Am I Making The "Right" Choice?

Lately, a lot of friends have come to me, asking for guidance about making the “right” choice, whether that decision is to go to school, change careers, letting someone go, etc. I thought writing a blog would be a great way to reach out with some advice for many others dealing with the similar fear. Fear is the key word. You will always know in your heart what the right choice is. We often get caught up thinking about all the “what ifs,” or “How am I going to get where I need to go,” “is this the wrong decision” or “is this person right for me.” These questions and thought patterns all have something in common, which is fear. We can get so caught up in the emotions that fear may bring us (anxiety, depression, anger, unease) that we completely ignore what our hearts are trying to tell us.

The guidance that I want to give all of you is; if you’re in the middle of making a decision, know that this is the universe trying to put you back in alignment, or allowing you to be one step closer to being aligned with your “purpose.” Every time we make an important decision we are choosing a different path. There is NO WRONG path. It’s simply another way to get where you need to be. Yes, sometimes we ignore the signs the universe is giving us, because of the thought patterns fear is telling us, but that in no way means you can make the “wrong” decision. When making a choice, forget about the fear and focus on the option that gets you excited, that lights the fire in your soul, allowing you to talk about it for hours. THAT is the option you choose. Don’t choose the option that allows you free from the judgment of what others may think, the option that makes other people happy, or what would be more “practical” or “safe.” Choose the option that puts the light in your soul. Choose the option that raises your vibration so high that you could tell everyone else to fuck off if they try and lower that vibration. You aren't put on this earth to please everyone. You are not put on this earth to make your family and friend’s happy, or fill anyone else’s wants but your own. YOU are your light, happiness, love, and excitement.

The last significant thing I want you to know is that you never have to choose just one. Know that if you make a decision, you do not need to cut the other option out of your life forever. You’re just choosing to focus on one of them right now. Let this choice lead you to endless opportunities, which you may not have even thought possible. Be open to the other paths this decision will bring you.

If you’re reading this and struggling with ending a relationship and you’re thinking, “I will lose them, which means I’m losing one or the other,” you’re not. You can still love that person and not be with them. You can see that the Universe brought that person in your life at the right time, to teach you something. You can still love that person as they are, but choose not to focus your energy on them anymore. How amazing would that feel?

So, TRUST the Universe, and know when you choose the option that lights your soul, the Universe will be there to support you through it. Choose what brings you joy, and the “how to get there” will come. Be Patient and gentle with yourself. The Universe will ALWAYS have your back.

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