Stop Being Comfortable

All of us hit a period or have periods of time when we lose all motivation in life. We get “comfortable,” and start to have a routine in our life. We’re just “ok.” When this happens we tend to stop working on our self-care habits or success habits; we stop mediating, going out to socialize with new people, stop doing hobbies or finding new ones. There is resistance in us that prevent us from continuing to work on ourselves. I’m writing this to talk about that resistance because it’s something I’ve been experiencing. As beings, we all have “breakthrough” moments in life. We have that light bulb that goes off explaining something that didn’t make sense to us, for example, a behaviour pattern we have or why we’re scared of something. We build our entire life by experiences and with experiences we create different sub-personalities. These sub-personalities are the personalities that come out during times that trigger them based on protection. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you any of this, but I promise that it will make sense in the end. When we feel resistance in life, or the lack of motivation to push ourselves it’s because there’s a sub-personality that is about to be seen. This sub-personality could be the fear of rejection, failure, judgment, etc. When we are close to triggering that personality, we tend to stop because it’s a “negative” emotion. As beings we often don’t want the negative in life, so without knowing we often stop pushing ourselves toward it and stay where it’s comfortable. I want to make one thing very clear to you and that is; without bad, we don’t know the good. Without contrast, we don’t know clarity. Without being uncomfortable, we don’t know what it’s like to be comfortable. Life is not all about being comfortable, in fact, that’s the complete opposite of what life truly is. We need to be uncomfortable at times; we need to face fears, meet those sub-personalities and understand them. There will always be clarity on the other side. There will always be a place to feel comfortable on the other side- even if it’s not right away. There is only one way we grow in life, and that’s by being uncomfortable. The resistance you’re feeling is because there is a part of you that needs to do something that’s going to make you uncomfortable. That resistance is keeping you from having a huge breakthrough. Why hold yourself back from that? Why keep yourself from growing, and becoming even more authentic? So, if you’re feeling unmotivated I want you to ask yourself - “what needs to change, and how does that make me feel. Why am I scared of that change?”. Whatever the answer may be I want you to do it. I want you to get uncomfortable. I want you to have that breakthrough because it’s going to be huge. You have no idea how amazing you are, and all that's waiting for you.

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