You Can Heal Yourself

When I graduated and received my certification to become a Nutritional Practitioner, I didn’t feel like I was satisfied. I always felt as if something was still “missing.” I couldn’t understand why people with the same symptoms, or conditions didn’t all benefit from the same protocol. I couldn’t understand why some people would get better and some people would stay the same. Eventually, I discovered Mind Body Spirit medicine. The reason I put “missing” in quotations is because it was never missing. Mind Body Spirit medicine was something I always had with me, as you have with you. I just needed to listen and rediscover that part of me, as I want to shed the same light on you.

Mind/ Spirit Voice

Let’s start with talking about the Mind/Spirit Voice. As beings, we all have a Spirit voice and a Mind voice. A lot of us are out of touch with our Spirit voice because we’re continuously running to our 9-5 jobs, taking care of our family, running errands, etc. The cool thing is, the Spirit voice will NEVER leave you. It will also NEVER change. Your Spirit voice is the voice that allows you to bring joy into your life. It’s the voice that calls you to that hobby you love doing, or the love you have for your child. When your Spirit and Mind voices are aligned with each other, you feel the emotions of joy, love, peace, and flow. When your Mind and Spirit voices aren’t aligned you feel the emotions of frustration, anger or guilt. Your Mind voice is what may change how you feel about those things at times. For example- when your new project didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, or your child did something you may not like, your Mind starts speaking up, telling you things of why you should be angry, or frustrated. Your Mind and Spirit voices are out of alignment now. When you stop and think, you will realize your Spirit voice will always love that hobby that brings you more joy than frustration, and the love for your child will never change no matter what they did. The spirit voice will NEVER change. When our Spirit voice and Mind voice are out of alignment, we start to feel negative emotions or symptoms. When you're not aligned, you could experience symptoms of diseases like depression, thyroid issues, chronic fatigue syndrome This could also show in forms of a sore back, muscle aches, knee problems, weight gain, digestive imbalances etc.. Every symptom you experience is your body trying to tell you that something is not aligned.

Your Vibration

The second thing I want to talk to you about is your Vibration because everything is made up of a vibration of energy. From the coffee, you may be sipping on right now, or to the shirt, you may be wearing. Every cell in our body vibrates energy. Our body is just one significant vibration that is continuously vibrating a frequency (pretty cool huh?). Every thought we have during the day changes our vibration. A negative thought will lower your vibration, attracting you to equal lowered vibration things or beings. A positive thought will heighten your vibration, attracting you to things or beings of that same high vibration. Fuel your body with positive thoughts and people, and watch all the positive things you attract. It really is that easy!

When I discovered these two concepts, I started to apply it to others and myself. I then realized I wasn’t left with the “why” anymore. I saw my own life, and others drastically change. I’m a firm believer that all symptoms or diseases are all caused by energy. That process can take time, so I speed up that process by implementing diet, lifestyle and supplementation changes as well.

YOU are in charge of YOUR life.

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