Your Commitment To Yourself Defines Your Entire Life

Your commitment to yourself defines your entire life. There I said it. If you can’t commit to your whole self, as in your mind, body and spirit then how are you supposed to commit to anything else in your life? You are the only thing you have to live with forever. You, yourself is the only thing that is going to allow you to travel where you want, write a blog, hug a friend, take that pottery class or whatever else you desire to do in your life. Do you see where I’m going with this? If you do not commit to yourself, how are you supposed to commit to any other desire?

This is something I've learned within the last couple of years. In the past I was so worried to cancel plans and let people down. I studied and worked as much and as hard as possible all well trying to maintain friendships and a social life. I had zero time to spend with myself, and to be completely honest with you that’s how I liked it. Why did I like having no time to even pick up a book and read for 15 minutes? Well, If I had time to myself that means there’s something else that’s not getting done. If I had time to myself that means I had time to stress about other aspects of my life, let fears and worry step in and tell myself that I’m not going to go anywhere in life. If I wasn't using every second of every day to do something, my day was a complete waste and I was wasting my life away. Now, some of you are going to read that and probably get stressed out (welcome to my past). Some of you are probably going to read that and tell me I’m the most dramatic person you’ll ever meet (I wish you were there to tell me that before). I was so committed to every other thing in my life that my own life really took a turn. The quality of my life literally went down the drain. I was so exhausted, I napped at least two times a day for as many minutes I possibly could anywhere, I woke up every single day feeling like I just pulled an all nighter, I couldn’t think straight without a couple cups of coffee (at least), I was completely on autopilot. When I say I was on autopilot I actually mean I was basically a walking zombie. Seriously, I legit didn’t have actual connections to things or much emotion at all. I’m not kidding when I say that, I was so out of touch with my emotions I didn’t even know what to do with them or how to pin point what emotion I was feeling when. I literally didn’t cry for years, because my body was completely shut off. If you want to live a life like that I invite you to raise your hand, but I'm going to guess that your hand is still down by your side. Who wants to live a life where you actually can’t enjoy any of it because you can feel your body slowly starting to shut down? I understand and definitely thought at one point if I was working my butt off, it meant I would be rewarded in the end and life would be so easy. Here’s the thing, if you are so exhausted that you’re miserable, it won’t matter if your life is “easy”, because it’s not going to feel like that anyway. If you’re working your butt off so you can be successful; your life gets more hectic, it doesn’t slow down. We are so scared of time running out or have this timeline in our minds of what our life should look like, how much we should have accomplished by a certain age, what our career looks like by 30, that we stress ourselves out and end up feeling extremely exhausted and warn out. By the time we are 30, we’re miserable anyway and feel like 75 (hey, I'm going to assume there's a lot of people who are 75 and feel better than I did).

Now, just to make things clear I’m in no way telling you that you shouldn’t work hard. Success is 80% your own energy and 20% strategy, so commit to yourself before your instagram strategy. I’m so thankful for the part of me that worked so hard to gain as much knowledge as she possibly could in order to help as many people as I possibly could in the future. That part of me showed me what I was so passionate about and taught me to be stubborn.

What I’m telling you to do is slow down. Commit to yourself first because at the end of everything you worked for, you want to be the best version of yourself. Taking an hour out of each day to be with yourself will be the best thing you will ever do for your career, your family and your life. One hour each day is not going to put you back 100 steps, I promise. Canceling plans to be with yourself is not going to make you alone in the world. Life passes by way to fast especially when you’re busy to not enjoy it. You need to enjoy your life even during your busy years. You do not want to look back at any part of your life and not think of something you enjoyed, so here's some advice for you.

1.Commit To Yourself:

How many times have you told yourselves that you would take a pottery class, try a new dance class, start a gym regime but never ended up doing it because you made up an excuse that you don’t have time, it’s too expensive, or you’re too tired? The thing is, our brain remembers these excuses, so the next time you want to start something your brain will automatically think of an excuse for you not to do it. That will eventually happen with multiple things in your life. As soon as you don’t actually want to do something your trained neuropath way will kick in and make up an excuse, which means you’ll be a flake. Retrain your brain and push through it. Make a commitment to yourself that you will take 1 hour each day to do something you want to start doing. Read a book, do some yoga, draw, write or anything else that’s calling you.

2. Take Care of your body:

This is extremely important. You have one body your entire life that allows you to do everything you desire, so take care of it. Commit to feeding it with whole foods, drinking enough water, giving it proper rest and just all around love the shit out of it. Without your body you wouldn’t physically be here, so step up and appreciate it just like you appreciate your pet, family and friends.

3. Feed your spirit

Your body is just a vessel for your spirit. Your spirit is you. Your spirit is the one that knows what you enjoy doing and what you don’t. Your spirit tells you when you're happy, sad, excited, angry or bored. Commit to listening to your spirit and feeding it. Take 10 minutes out of each day to check in with your spirit and see where you’re at emotionally and physically. Is there any pain or tightness anywhere? What emotion do you feel? Commit to feeding your spirit by trying new things, going on new adventures, going for walks, learning new things etc. Listen to what your spirit is trying to get you to focus on. If you have the desire to try or learn anything new listen to that. If you do this, you will live a life of so much joy and fulfillment because you’re allowing in growth.

You got this, keep going.

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